Lifting platforms

We come along with various types of boom lifts and telescopic forklifts to towering heights.  Individual and project specific:

Telescopic forklift:
The all-rounder for all construction sites requiring high performance. Individual use for easy-to-handle and difficult terrain (all-wheel drive and various steering systems). Various heights and width are easily solved with various add-on elements (e.g. shovel, pallet fork, crane hook, or assembly jib). Today, construction sites are unimaginable without this type of equipment.


Truck-mounted access platforms:
Telescopic or articulated boom lifts mounted on a truck chassis (starting at 3.49 tons). This equipment is for example suitable for facade works, street lantern maintenance, tree trimming, etc.

Scissor work platform lifts:
The self-propelled system of scissor work platforms can be equipped with an electric motor or combustion-engine-driven. These platforms offer you a time and cost-efficient alternative to scaffolding because the large work platform allows for several persons working with material at the same time.  These platforms are particularly suited for maintenance, repair, wall, ceiling and assembly work on the inside and the exterior.

Telescopic mast platforms:
Vertical telescopic platforms with basket arm are mainly used for repair work, maintenance and assembly work in narrow interior spaces.

Articulated boom lifts:
The work platforms are equipped with either an electric motor or a combustion engine.  Because of the articulated telescope technology, they are ideal for all interior and exterior work on angular, cramped or difficult to access locations. They are well equipped to master any obstacles.